Here's What we Mean When the Tag Says Natural

Andrei's Rawganique outfit
 sports a natural fiber in two distinct shades.

Handmade clothes are like the people who make them: we love them for their quirks. 

In big box stores, if you buy two of the same shirt, there’s no way to tell them apart. It might sound strange to suggest that there should be, but when you hold an unbleached, undyed, natural shirt in your hands at the Rawganique lifestyle store, you’ll understand.

Natural fibers don’t produce perfect patterns. A natural color isn’t always the same shade. To our homesteading founders, that’s comforting. It means we’re making things with traditional skills and tools. It means we don’t soak products in chemicals until they’re identical, or churn them out on assembly lines. We wouldn’t want them to be perfect. In nature, nothing is.