“Ah, nuts!” And 3 other answers for “Where do you get Protein?”

If you’ve ever tried a plant-based diet, chances are you’ve answered this question more than once. It’s a hot topic if you’re the only vegan or vegetarian at your family reunion. Rest assured: there are ways to get protein, and everything else you need, from plant-based sources. Here are some answers that should satisfy your relatives.


This one’s always the first answer, and there’s a reason. Typical mixed nuts contain 27 grams of protein in one cruelty-free cup! As long as you can keep snacks like that around the house, you should have no need for meat. 


You can do just about anything with hemp: wear it, wash with it, and yes, eat it! No, eating hemp will not get you high. Hemp seeds are an excellent protein source, and you can sprinkle them on just about anything. We love putting them on salads and in smoothies. If you’re looking for a more direct route, Rawganique offers a hemp protein powder!


One cup of lentils is packed with 18 grams of protein. That’s as much as a protein bar! Soups like our Lentil Detox soup at Café Rawganique are a great way to put some protein into a hot meal.

Shakes and Smoothies

If you still find it difficult to get the your protein from a plant-based diet, there are lots of vegan protein shakes and smoothies for quick nutrition. The vegan peanut butter in our cacao-pow smoothie contains 19% of your daily value of protein in a quarter cup. Besides, who can resist the peanut butter and chocolate combo?

How do you get your plant-based protein? If you have a favorite you didn't see here, let us know in the comments section!