4 Things to do in Blaine When you Visit the Rawganique Store and Café

 Rawganique is proud to operate our store and café in Blaine, Washington. As homesteaders, we value a simple way of life, and that’s part of what makes Blaine so perfect. In the two months since we opened our doors, we’ve fallen in love with Blaine for its connection to nature and its incredible local community. Here are just some of the things you shouldn’t miss if you make the trip to the Rawganique Store and café.

1.    Visit the Harbor

If you’re in a time crunch, you can work this one in at the cafe. We love being able to eat lunch in view of the harbor every day. If you’ve got more time to kill, take a ride on our famous Plover Ferry! It’s the oldest foot passenger ferry in our area. Children can ride for just a dollar.

2.    Ride on the Coast Millennium Trail

If you’re visiting from White Rock, BC, you can do your entire trip by bike and get to Blaine from the Coast Millenium Trail. It’s a great chance to get some exercise and see some of that natural beauty we talked about. We’ll have a hot bowl of butternut squash soup and a cup of coffee waiting for you when you get here.

3.    Take on the Annual Holiday Lights Dash

Blaine’s Holiday Lights Dash is coming right up! It’s the first Saturday in December. Local businesses set up displays and an obstacle course for kids around the city. It’s a lot of fun, and an opportunity to see some local flavor in Blaine. Locals look forward to it every year!

4.    Explore Across the Border

Being so close to the Canadian border makes Blaine a prime spot for exploring, no matter where you’re coming from. You can venture into Canada and see all that White Rock, Burnaby and Vancouver have to offer. If you’re coming from the north, Birch Bay is one you won’t want to miss, and Seattle’s not too bad of a drive.


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