Treat yourself in Veganuary with These 5 Staff Favorites

We’re officially more than a week into Veganuary, and plant-based cuisine is all the rage. Vegan pizzas and sausage rolls are making headlines, and even celebrities like Beyonce and Jay-Z are encouraging fans to try plant-based diets. We’re thrilled to see so much support for a vegan lifestyle. It’s time people learn that being vegan isn’t intimidating. We’re here to help. If you get bored with your go-to Veganuary dishes, our staff members have some favorites for you to try.

1.    Cacao-Pow Smoothie
This one was named for its protein-packed punch, and inspired by classic peanut butter combos: peanut butter and banana, peanut butter and chocolate, and the granddaddy of them all, PB&J. It’s a personal favorite for Hannah who works at our warehouse.

“It tastes like a milkshake,” says Hannah. “It’s really creamy and sweet, like a PB&J with chocolate.”

Ingredients: Hemp milk, strawberry, banana, peanut butter, dates, cacao

2.    Rainbow salad:

We named this salad for its colorful veggie mix with roasted beets and yams. For a little extra kick, we drizzle it in our house-made balsamic dressing. The Rainbow Salad is a regular for Bonnie, who you’ve probably met behind the register if you’ve ever visited our store. 

“My favorite lunch combo is probably the Rainbow Salad with a hot bowl of soup. It really hits the spot,” says Bonnie.

Ingredients: Kale, quinoa, roasted beet and yam, pepitas, golden raisins, balsamic dressing

3.    Hemp Hemp Hurray Cookies

These cocoa and vanilla flavored cookies are a no-bake favorite at Café Rawganique. Hemp protein powder makes them the perfect pick-me-up if you’re looking for something quick. Our chef Hannah says she gets compliments for the Hemp Hemp Hurray cookies every day. 

“They’re really a specialty of ours,” says Hannah.

Ingredients: Hemp protein, agave, cocoa, vanilla, cocoa oil, almond butter

4.    Curried Garbonzo Wrap
Consider this curry’s answer to the breakfast burrito. But with almonds, onions, celery and mixed greens, it’s a much tastier and healthier option. The Curried Garbanzo is a favorite after-shoot snack for Brian, our video producer.

“I love the Curry Garbonzo wraps,” says Brian. “They go great with some of the heartier soups.”

5.    Sundried Tomato Bagel Sandwich
A new spin on the classic cream cheese bagel, this toasted bagel sandwich is topped with vegan cream cheese, lemon pesto and sundried tomatoes. Our marketing assistant Kyle, who orders one almost every day, says the Sundried Tomato Bagel has a special place in his heart.

“The sundried tomato bagel is awesome,” says Kyle. “I don’t always eat vegan, and I honestly can’t taste anything different about this vegan cream cheese.”

Ingredients: Bagel with cream cheese, lemon pesto, sundried tomato, bell pepper, mixed greens

We hope our recommendations can help you keep things fresh this Veganuary. Some of you may find that with options like these, eating plant based isn’t a challenge, but a rewarding journey.